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Bonus Material

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    Access to custom created PDFs which you can print out and keep besides you to learn from whilst your trading.

  • Bonus material

    Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student’s overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.

  • Affiliate Programme

    Private telegram group where you will have access to a team leader and have a chance earning money from your phone!


Usually, people who want to bolster their finances trim their expenses. But cutting costs only goes so far. Unless you already make a lot of money and spend like a bon vivant, most people can’t eke out that much more from their budget by decreasing expenses. Plus, the more you retrench, the more your quality of life suffers. To live a balanced and fulfilled live, you need to earn passive income. If you’re looking to increase your revenue streams, take heart: Opportunities to earn extra money is here again.While cutting your budget is great and all, making more money is greater.

Provident Enterprise was born out of the passion to see people live a fulfilled live. We want people to make extra income that can cater for their needs and numerous expenses. We create opportunities for people to learn how to make extra income using their phones.

We make earning from your phone easy, fun and exciting. When you connect with us, you can be rest assured to get your phone to make extra income for you. We provide you with a one stop solution for your financial challenges using you phone. We offer different packages with the needs of everyone in mind. So whatever your financial hurdle is, with your phone in hand, you can be rest assured to scale them. Partner with us today and discover the hidden treasures your phone hold!!!

Finding ways to earn extra income completely changed our lives for the better, and this is why we believe more people need to learn how to make more money in new ways using their phones.

Earning extra income will improve your life as you:

  • Pay off your debt.
  • Save for big purchases, such as a vacation,holiday adventure, tours, etc.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Help you reach retirement sooner.
  • Figure out a business idea.
  • Become more diversified with your income streams.
  • And lots more.


These are all the different ways you can make a income

  • Forex

  • Crypto Currencies

  • Marketing

  • Drop Shipping

  • Property Investment

  • Forex Stratagies

    At the PFG Trading, we pride ourselves in teaching our students the best strategies needed for succeeding in Forex Trading.

  • Lifetime Support

    Once a student, always a student. No salespeople, ever. Just grounded and timely support when you need it.

  • Best Community

    PFG Trading community boasts 1,000+ motivated and inspiring students from all over the UK. Join us, and make changes to the rest of your life today.

Absolutely no-one beats our 14-day money back guarantee!

You have a full 14 days to immerse yourself in the PFG Trading Course. If you decide that during that time, that it's not for you - just let us know! We'll issue you a full and prompt refund. Absolutely no questions asked. (If you have completed more then 10% of the course we are unable to provide a refund)