What Is Forex?

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    Instant access to the private Telegram group to receive professional and peer mentoring. We hold webinars regularly to break down and analyse several currency pairs live with our students. This platform enables students to raise any questions or concerns they have related to the market. We appreciate not everyone may be able to attend our live webinars due to the different time zones, therefore all webinars are then uploaded to the Members Zone and available at a time more convenient for you.

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    We appreciate our students live very busy lives, therefore we have created an invitation-only PFG Student Telegram group. This is where we will post analysis highlighting key levels so that you never miss an opportunity whilst on the go. At PFG, we like to utilise the best available platforms to ensure all students have the greatest opportunity to excel within the markets.

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Course curriculum

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  • 2
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  • 3
    • PFG Forex Trading For Beginners FREE PREVIEW
    • What Is Forex Trading ? – A Definition & Introduction
    • Forex Trading Terminology
    • Order Types And Calculating Profits & Losses
    • What is Professional Forex Trading?
    • Thinking Like a Professional Forex Trader
    • What is Fundamental Analysis?
    • What is Price Action Trading Analysis?
    • Introduction to Forex Charting
    • What Is A Forex Trading Strategy?
  • 4
    PFG PDFs
    • PFG Forex Guide
    • PFG Forex Trading For Beginners
    • PFG Technical Analysis
    • PFG Price Action Swing Trading
    • PFG Price Action Swing Trading CheetSheet
  • 5
    The Art Of Technical Analysis Part 1
    • Art OF Technical Analysis
    • Candlestick Patterns
    • Candlesticks Made Easy
    • Japanese Candlestick Charts
    • PFG Technical Analysis
  • 6
    The Art Of Technical Analysis Part 2
    • Supply&Demand
    • Technical Analysis
    • PATs Price Action Trading Manual
  • 7
    • A Traders Mindset
    • Psychology
    • Emotions Which Impact Your Trading
    • Doubt
    • Fear
    • Revenge
    • Greed
    • Forex Psychology
  • 8
    Money Management
    • Why Traders Keep Losing
    • Risk Free Trading
    • Mastering Your Personal Trading Strategy
    • PFG Price Action Swing Trading
  • 9
    • What Are They?
    • Macroeconomic Data
    • Market Participants
    • Correlation
    • NFP - Non Farm Payroll
  • 10
    Chart Time
    • Introduction to TradingView
  • 11
    Forex Journey
    • Provident Trading Log Book
  • 12